Life-INX Tattoo Supplies

We offer quality Tattoo and body piercing supplies at great prices.
Better quality supplies for the life of your ink.
We are suppliers of quality products to the tattoo and body piercing industry.

Dealing in known brand names for less then local suppliers and offering superior customer service.

We do not sell low grade products and stand behind every item we sell.
Quality products with warranties.

Everything you need for tattooing and body piercing we can offer.

Contact us with anything you are looking for and we will be happy to quote you prices
Tattoo prices are by the piece not the hour.
Send me your art of concept and I will make it a permanent part of you for a reasonable price. Anything you want I will do including designing your cover up if that’s what you need. Also will rework old or unfinished tattoos at a excellent price.
Located in the Oshawa area I am fully mobile and can come to you.
I only use disposable consumables (needles, tubes, cap, etc) all opened and set up with you there to see and confirm.